Dear readers,

New day, new blogpost from New York.
Today I want to introduce you in another location which called "BROOKLYN" new view of New York, new inspirations, new people which we talked too. Was a nice day in Brooklyn!

But let me beginn from the morning.
At first we had a great breakfast, which we had everyday haha!
After our breakfast we planned to go to the Brooklyn bridge. We started to take some pictures at the subway to Brooklyn. (which you could see in this post) It was really hot on this day in contrary too the other days. BUUT on this day it was raining the whole day! (so Kevin and I saw New York facet in each). 
But doesn't matter, because Brooklyn was incredibly, I never thought that Brooklyn is so stunning. We walked out from the subway station and few minutes later Kevin and I said the same thing: "BROOKLYN IS AWESOME" In my opinion if you see more from Brooklyn you have to stay longer in New York than one week! We will try to come back to New York in summer (and then longer)! 
Something special in Brooklyn is the atmosphere, the combine of America and UK in the streets & for me the important thing is this view from the pier over to Manhattan! I was like "uuuh,aaahhh fuuuck"!!! 



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