times square. NY 4

Dear readers,

I hope you like the posts from New York, now I will show you something new. The "TIMES SQUARE" by night! It is enormous impressive. I feel something special at this place. Thank you for been there. In my opinion everybody is moving on this place, & trust me everybody is dumbfounded! Incredibly. It is sorcerous to see this square, just you know all those from the pictures and movies. New York is my favorite city in the world, & one thing that i know for sure is that i will life there! 
You feel like in a dream if you stand at the times square, all around you is moving so fast and you stand still and ...just enjoy this moment! 

But how we came to the times square? 

Not far from our place! We have to go the broadway, direction uptown and 1..2..3..we just arrived at the impulsive square. On our way we found an Urban Outfitters (so big & very cool equipped). What also mentionable is, is that the stores at the times square have open until 2 a. m. ! If I saw the tablet, I just looked like "DAMMNN"...
Further more I bought me some new sneakers at the times square! NEW BALANCE in white (extremely vintage). Next we walked direction home, but one thing comes on my mind, which I have to do! "BUY A HOTDOG, BRO" so I take 2$ and went to the next hotdog-car. (you know what i mean?) Than the suprise a hotdog isn´t really tall, so in three bits he was history! After this night walk we arrived in our manhattan apartment, and enjoyed the late night shows on TV. 

My look on this eve!

I wear my old skool vans, nike socks, black EDWIN jeans, long tee, tommy hilfiger sweatshirt, over over size coat from the flee market and a big scarf in black...

"...in the end i would like to say NEW YORK, NEW YORK you are so beautiful!"



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