GUIDOMAGGI SHOES "Amsterdam Elevator Shoes"

Dear readers,

Time for a new new new cooperation with "GUIDOMAGGI SHOES"!
This time I present you "Amsterdam Elevator Shoes" 

Some facts:

  • Upper in bordeaux red full grain leather
  • Lining in soft goatskin
  • Insole in genuine leather
  • 2 pairs of cotton shoe laces
  • Lightweight high quality rubber outsole anti-slip
  • Height increase: 2.4in(6cm), 2.75in(7cm), 3.1in(8cm) or 4 in(10cm)
  • Hand Made in Italy

These awesome sneakers are enormous luxury and very interessting. They are incredibly great to wear. What I also like is the design and model of the sneakers, the bordeaux red is strange, but i like these color a lot. Because the most sneakers are basic colors... The whole sneaker is real leather (grain L. and genuine L.)! For sure Hand Made in Italy. That Shoes are height increasing shoes that makes men taller.
These sneakers are for the elegant way of fashion, but I see also the street fashion in them! For instance you could wear them to a suit for dinner or other events. But on the other hand you could wear them for a day in the city or other situations...
You see the "Amsterdam Elevator Sneakers" is for every moment ideal.

So I prefier this boots a lot! Have a look at or and let you inspire from the high range. 

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I hope I could give you an overview from my cooperation with GUIDOMAGGI SHOES! 
To see more pictures click on the READ MORE putton. 

GUIDOMAGGI SHOES "Amsterdam Elevator Shoes"


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