berlin day 3

Tuesday, jan 19.

Dear readers,

We started our day with an awesome coffee from STARBUCKS at KU´DAMM. The day before Kevin forgot his money bag at the sushi restaurant. But no problem we picked it up and later we bought us a great coffee!
Natural Kevin and I made some pictures near the subway. After our spontaneous shooting we met some girls at the bright/seek exhibition. At this moment it was perfect! We saw a lot of interesting people with a great understanding for fashion! Further more we talked to some PR. Manager and talked about some new cooperation. Unfortunately we didn´t talk to as many as we have did in summer. Next time (in summer) we definately need to change that and talk to more people...
But this was not the only negative thing on this day! Our first show which we wanted to write about, was starting at 4 p.m .
Truth be told the time flies faster at seek than normal. You guys may be thinking! We have missed "ODEUR". Kevin and I we were enormous angry about that! Later we saw that the show was really special and caracterized with stunning men´s fashion. 
In the evening we went to a little aftershow party in the "wood wood" store near the ALEXANDERPLATZ. Whatelse? Unique people and fashionistas as far as the eye can reach! Music was also very good, this is not usual in berlin, because nobody hear "hip hop". 
Tomorrow it goes on with day 4 the really stressful day at the whole FashionWeek and natural with the first shows!



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