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Brushing our teeth has never been fun! We are a creative, bright team of 16 people from 5 nations. Diversity and differences of opinion bring us daily closer to a common goal. Together with great technicians and designers as well as dentists, health care specialists, academics, entrepreneurs, investors and especially mothers and fathers, we try to make it easier for children to make their way to the sink every day! Although we are at least 20 years older, we enjoy ourselves very much on our product. Because we know how uncomfortable a visit to a dentist can be, we have decided to fight tooth decay and to jointly create a new generation of efficient toothbrush heroes.

My Opinion and Test: 

It´s a pleasure to try this innovative teeth-brush, it´s so much fun to brush my teeth during I play a funny game. I can recommend you playbrush, because it isn't only a really good teeth-brush, no no. Although it´s a funny tool!

Furthermore guys, I have a special Rabat-Code for you "RICHYKOLL",  with this Code you will get more than 20%. 

There is also a special winter edition. 
NOW! At the online shop.

Playfully learn a healthy 
toothbrush routine

  • Smart teeth-brush
  • Teeth-Brush coach
  • Play Minutes
  • Statistic
  • Bonussystem 
  • Insurance

Playbrush turns the toothbrush into a game controller and promises healthy teeth, motivated children and relaxed parents. This idea enjoys great popularity among readers in the areas of family, technology, business and health as well as beyond. If Playbrush has caught your interest and you want to learn more about Playbrush, please download all relevant information and pictures or contact the playbrush Team anytime via Your request will be forwarded to the responsible body.


For every Playbrush subscription now a dental accident insurance NO extra charge!
A fall on a bike or over your own feet, a hit with the wooden sword or a standing in the way table edge: when children play teeth quickly take damage and that can be expensive. However, because we care about your children's dental care, we offer all Playbrush users a UNIQA dental accident insurance worth € 0.4 / month with the game auctions and € 1.8 / quarter with the games & dental products. or brush head subscription at no extra cost. In this case, the fee for the insurance cover will be borne by the total duration of your Playbrush subscription.

→ To every game or game and brush head subscription (the insurance cover begins after the expiry of the free month)

→ Covers 80% of the treatment costs per insured event, depending on the subscription max. 2000 EUR

→ Protects one child under 16 per subscription, living in Austria or Germany

→ Valid worldwide!


  1. Choose a toothbrush with a small head for better access to back teeth. Soft bristles are kinder on your gums.

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