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today I will introduce you in the world of CANON!
I was in Vienna at an exclusive mentoring and I would like to give you some insights of the new camera CANON EOS M50, which is a beginner model.
Furthermore, this camera is for everyone who is interested in photography and it is not necessary to have knowledge about camera-stuff etc.
What´s really attractive for you is this exclusive consultation in the DIGITALSTORE, Stiftgasse 21 Vienna.
My conversation was very informative, I learned a lot of new things about the lenses of Canon and the CANON EOS M50 was extensively prepared for me. The advice was very competent and I have felt comfortable since the first second.
But you have to be fast people: For an exclusive consultation conversation you have to hurry up and make an appointment it is only offered until 11.01.2019 at the DIGITALSTORE, Stiftgasse 21 Vienna!

LINK for the exklusive mentoring:;dc_trk_aid=433148324;dc_trk_cid=109754236;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=

Hier nochmal das ganze auf Deutsch.

Was für euch wirklich attraktiv ist, ist diese exklusive Beratung im DIGITALSTORE, Stiftgasse 21 Wien.

Mein Gespräch war sehr aufschlussreich, ich habe viel Neues über die Objektive von Canon erfahren und die CANON EOS M50, welche eine Anfängerkamera ist.
Das Gespräch war sehr kompetent und ich habe mich seit der ersten Sekunde wohl gefühlt.
Leute ihr müsst aber schnell sein: Für ein exklusives Beratungsgespräch muss man sich beeilen und einen Termin vereinbaren, denn das Beratungsgespräch gibt es nur bis zum 11.01.2019 im DIGITALSTORE, Stiftgasse 21 Wien!

LINK für das Exklusive Beratungsgespräch:;dc_trk_aid=433148324;dc_trk_cid=109754236;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;tfua=

the characteristics about the CANON EOS M50:

  • 24.1 Megapixel 
  • 10 Frames / sec.
  • DIGIC 8 Prozessor
  • Tiefpassfilter 
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System 
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF System
  • 4K Movie 
  • Verschusszeiten 30-1/4.000 sec.
  • Wifi 
  • Bluetooth 

The DSLR-Sensor and the processing power make the photos and videos of the CANON EOS M50 unbelievable. It is easy to shoot with this model because of the swiveling touchscreen with touch and drag AF.
The fast connection with your smartphone and laptop makes it simple to synchrony pictures.
Last but not least, videos in 4K. Design your own 4K videos in extraordinary cinema-look with the CANON EOS M50.

The next point is that you can use every lens from the EOS series and from the CANON R series. In addition there is also a new MARCO lens from CANON which you can use with the CANON EOS M50.

The modern yet classic camera is perfectly balanced and ideal for one-hand operation. It offers intuitive automatic functions as well as fully manual control. The compact and lightweight EF-M 14-45mm IS STM lens you can capture a lot of everyday scenes from the wide landscape to the portrait with attractive background. 

What brings me to my know how about CANON?

I have worked with CANON for many years, it was the second canon camera but my first reflex camera. I work with the model CANON EOS 6D MARK I which is also a beginner camera, but you should know how to handle this model. 
In my opinion, the CANON cameras are better than the competitor NIKON, because the handling is easier and the adjustments and the colors are more intensiv. 

Moreover, the Canon has low noise in the picture at high light sensitivity. The lenses have a wide range of individuality and are often equipped with stabilizer. As a consequence, the Canon models have much less distortion and support you to search for the perfect subject.

In summary you could say, I’m definitely a Canon lover and I’m going to buy a new one soon. 

Photos w/ CANON EOS M50 

Incredible pictures with the CANON EOS M50.

Compact and impressively light in the hand - this little power pack is packed with the best technology for the best pictures and videos.


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