welcome to the jungle

"Don't spend your time looking around for something you want that can't be found." Baloo, The Jungle Book.

Why the Jungle Book?
Because our next accommodation is the Jungleroom Bali.
We will stay here for two nights in an incredible wood house, which is decorated in a vintage style, near the pool. Looks like the human settlements from the Jungle Book. It seems like every time comes Baghira and Baloo around the corner and take you on an adventure!

Our current home is totally different to the other 4 accommodations where we have lived already. Its rustically, vintage and nevertheless modern! 

About the Jungleroom:

"Jungleroom is a unique local accommodation featuring beautiful antique wooden houses imported from the different islands of Indonesia. We host two 100-year old traditional Karo houses from the island of Sumatra and a variety of authentic Joglo houses carefully reclaimed and restored by hand."

Kev, Susi and myself live in the Summer house
If you like to stay in the Summer house like we do, so there are some special offers for you...

  • Bedroom 1
  • Private kitchen
  • Max people 3
  • 1 double bed + 1 single bed
  • River view
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Daily yoga
  • Wifi
  • Room service

Easily sleeping, private kitchen & dining facilities. The Summer house is perfect for a group of three or a small family! Savor the courtyard play, enjoy breakfast with view over the streaming river, chill with your group at the pool or at your private balcony and dream from the Jungle Book in your oversized day bed! 

The Summer house will be home for you and your friends, certainly you get never forgetting memories from your trip to the Balinese Jungle.

There are also a lot of things to do at the Jungleroom Resort.
For instance there is a workout area where you could push your body to the limit, moreover there is a yoga session every morning from 9 am till 10 am. Naturally, you could go surfing, on your own or you could take a surf lesson with a local-instructor. Furthermore, there is a huge chill area where you could relax and meet new people. The Big Karo House. In the Karo house is a very calm and authentic atmosphere which I like very much! But you also need to chill, doing sport exercises etc. is something to drink to eat. Of course, this also was taken care of. The Juice bar provided organic cold pressed juices and smoothies. There is no Coca Cola, Fanta or Sprite... health is priority at the Jungleroom!


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