3 days in Luxury

We spend the last days of our Bali stay at the wonderful lifestyleRETREATS Hotel. 

Balis hotels are known for their beautiful pools and facilities.
But lifestyleRETREATS bring the whole thing to another level, we were allowed to stay at the Samata Resort and the Santai Resort, both are in Bali. The Samata is based in Sanur, Bali and the Santai is based in Canggu, Bali. There are more 6 Locations from lifestyleRETREATS one of them is in Cambodia! But I will introduce you in the Samata and the Santai location.

Although, more about the lifestyleRETREATS Hotel.

"The lifestyleretreats hotel management company is a global family of enthusiastic, committed and like-minded tourism professionals creating new and unique management solutions for privately owned boutique hotels and resorts."

"lifestyleretreats is a unique and dynamic hotel management company.  Our innovative approach to hospitality transforms boutique hotels into financially successful and peaceful retreats where both guests and employees benefit.
Our holistic, ethical and results-oriented approach creates places of complete relaxation with deluxe accommodation and unparalleled personalised service, and offering a wide selection of healthy lifestyle activities provided by experienced practitioners.
We focus on employee welfare and development, nurturing our family teams so they work efficiently and happily and provide exemplary service to our guests. We also actively respect and celebrate local traditions and cultures, work in harmony with the environment and support local communities."

"We call the lifestyleretreats philosophy passionforlife. It’s the way we approach everything every day.
  • We want every guest to experience this passionforlife by having the most relaxing, blissful and luxurious stay possible, a time filled with personal discovery, recovery and fulfilment.
  • We want every employee to taste passionforlife by growing in confidence and skills, and feeling part of a close-knit global family.
  • We want hotel owners and investors to reap the rewards of our passionforlife through improved revenues and happier and more efficient staff.
  • We want our local communities to benefit from our passionforlifethrough our inclusion and generosity. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility programme we employ as many local people as possible, actively support orphanages, participate in blood donations and help other local charitable and community events to create a better life for all."

Next I would like to explain the Samata to you in more detail.
With the philosophy of lifestyleRETREATS, the Samata provides a place whee all guests can improve their lifestyle balance, fitness, sport, healthy dining and complete regeneration.
The small number of suites and pool villas means guests experience highly personalized service. 

In my opinion, it is an awesome philosophy, because you will be received by the manager of the Samata and receive your welcome drink and welcome food! Furthermore, is it a warm welcoming and a really calm atmosphere. You feel like you have known the staff at the Samata for years. 

The attachment of the Samata is huge! There are two pools, Spa & Wellness, Gym, Restaurant, Massage balcony and much more...

Gym / Pool:

To be honest, for Kev and myself were the gym area and pool area most important and interesting!
We had a great thai boxing lesson and did our workout in this incredible equipped gym.

The pool area was also an eye-catcher and we enjoyed every second there. In my mind, it is an awesome area where you can relax our soul!

For dining you could offer three different options. 

We visited the Zenso restaurant and we decided to eat in our private room. Great experiences!

Last but not least, the suites and villas at the Samata.
There are 5 different accommodations which you could offer, for instance ...

We stayed in one of the Spa suites, which was really nice. With an also incredible view around the area and also to the ocean!

At the Samata we stayed two nights, after these wonderful nights we had our private driver to the other accommodation from lifestyleRETREATS the Santai!

Let me introduce you the Santai a little bit closer.
The Santai is an exclusive retreat, nestled in a quiet neighborhood close to rice fields and local temples! It is something different from the big hotels and resorts around in Bali. At the Santai you feel like you live here and have your own villa in Bali.

At the Santai you have also these atmosphere of family, its similar to the Samata where we have stayed before.
In my opinion, the Santai is the most luxurious accommodation I have ever been! Kev, Susanna and myself had a 350m2 villa, just for us. Private pool, butler etc. in some words. IT WAS AMAZING!

Spa / Wellness:

Santai is similar to Samata, an incredible spa and wellness area with massage etc. 

Villas at the Santai only! 
Santai could offer you only villas, but these villas are huge. 350m2 villa isn't the biggest one at the hotel.

What should I say more guys? lifestyleRETREATS offers you incredible  accommodations in Bali and Cambodia. Get your items and we see us maybe next time in Bali.


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