As you know guys, I was in Amsterdam with three friends of my!

We had an amazing time there, unfortunately I was there just for three days. 
We were at some parties, had some drinks, good dutch food and for sure we smoked a little bit of weed. To be honest it was cool and its legal there so that was a big intention to do it otherwise I won't do it!

A lot of people asked me about the trip.

Is Amsterdam just so interesting because smoking weed is legal?

In my mind, it isn´t! Guys, Amsterdam is an incredible City not only for smoking weed. You could see so cool buildings, ate a lot of good food and enjoy the Dutch culture. 
Furthermore, for me it was really cool to explore these City, because it has a touch of Venice! /w these canals and the sea around. Liked it! 

I could give you some advices where you could have a lot of fun! 

We my friends and I lived in front of the Vondel Park which is one of the famous parks in Amsterdam. If you have time, you should take a walk throw the Vondel Park! Its quite nice and relaxed. 

For partying is the Center of Amsterdam very good, but in front of the club doors they are really strict! But trust me it is it worth, the Dutch girls are enormous beautiful and it´s nice to talk to them. 

Last but not least, the cofeshops in Amsterdam! On every corner you could find a cofeshop, its really easy to get your weed and there are so much different kind of weed! Although, you could ear Hash-muffins, Weed-brownis etc. but watch out guys!
We lived at the Schinkelkade, there is a great cofeshop just 10 min. per food! Price-Performance ratio is awesome. 

I hope I could give you some good advices and you enjoy your next trip to Amsterdam!


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