New York. SS18. Fashionweek. 

Why is the #fashionweek in New York so important?

What was the most expressive designer?

Where are the best "food to go" restaurants?

How could you be a part of the #nyfw?

I got much more questions from you guys. But I tried to choose 4 questions and answer these here at

#1. In my opinion, the Fashionweek in New York is so important because it is the biggest one of the world and the best and gifted designers all over the world try to do a runway-show or a presentation in these city!

#2. It isn't easy to answer this question, because it´s a question of perspective! 
For me was "Life in Perfect disorder" really good, Rihanna did an awesome Show and Tommy Hilfiger is still one of the creative people I saw!

#3. Puhhh! Unfortunately, I don't live in New York, I can´t be as exact as I would like, because I don´t know exactly the names of the restaurants. But the best hint I could give you is, explore Soho, Manhattan and you´ll definitely find a lot of great restaurants.

#4. Last but not least, everybody could be a part of the #nyfw! You have to work hard, because fashion-bussines can kill you. It´s in my mind, one of the hardest branch I have worked already! 

But if you stay tuned and patient, than it´ll be come true.

I hope I could give you good answers and if you have more questions to my person or other questions, please write me in Instagram.




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