LONDON /w DIGEL & Dickies


First of all, thank you Dickies for this wonderful time in London (it wasn't really long but London is always a good idea) also Thank you very much DIGEL for the incredible fittings!
Furthermore, a big thank you to @Marvinsheckler for showing us some cool Locations & last but not least a big thank you to our great photographer from LA @kbdawg aka Cara. 

Let´s go on with our program for our trip! Kev and I made our adventure from different places, Kev flew from Berlin and I came from Vienna arrived in London HTW. we decided to went by train to the city and than by subway to our hotel which was in an awesome district called Shoreditch, London. 

We leave our suitcase at the Hotel and moved out for our first photos in London! We just walked around Shoeditch and found some really cool small streets and typical London walls. Later Kev and I ate at Honest Burgers (it was ok, but the price-performance ratio wasn't).

Later this day Kev and I were involved to the Dickies Party for the #874 Jeans. Awesome location, also in Shoeditch, but the mood there wasn't really good! So, we decided to create some pictures in the night of London. 

Next day, we met with Marvin Steckler and Cara for some pictures and a coffee. 
Around 4 p.m Kev and I made our way back to the Hotel and from there to the Airport. 

All in all, it was a great short trip to London with incredible impressions and inspirations for the following shootings etc.


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