NEW YORK. Friday, JULY 7, 6 P.M.

According a relaxed 8 hours flight and a 1 hour taxi drive, we took courses on Manhattan. Finally, we saw again these impressive and incredibly high skyscrapers. Of course we were back in the New York traffic, at 30 degrees, no place in the taxi and loud hangup. IT WAS AWESOME!

New York got me spellbound within seconds. It is always special and exhilarating to be there. "This city is the capital city of the world!" The whole city is full of afflatus, creativity & so many different cultures in one place. 

So, what was our mission to be in this great City. Kev, Toni and I got the chance to be a part of the New York Fashionweek SS18. Further, I had the chance to run some shows at the NY Fashionweek, because my Modelagency is based in New York.
But everything in its time.
Friday was just to arriving and explore our Hood, which was the Lower East Side of Manhattan, near Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho.

NEW YORK. Saturday, July 8.

The guys (Kev & Toni) and myself woke up very early, at first we decided to take some pictures in Lower East Side and caught us a breakfast later. After breakfast, we went to Chinatown and Little Italy, both districts were not far away from each other. Moreover, we struggled through Soho for some impressions, coffee and for sure cool photos.

Chinatown: In Chinatown it feels like you were in another world. For instance, there were Chinese statues, Chinese newspapers and the street signs were also in Chinese. All in all, an awesome place for photos! Definitely a place where a visit is worth it. 

Little Italy: Not far away from Chinatown, just 15 min. by foot. I have heard a lot of Little Italy before, "a cool place to be, everybody speaks italian etc.", but to be honest nothing came true. Because just a handful of people speaks italian, the restaurants were incredible expensive and I saw more Chinese people than italian looking like people. It was nice to be there one time, but now it is not necessary to visit it again!

Soho: What should I say? Soho. Soho is the fashion district of New York. The classic New Yorker buildings from the 18 century are extremely well preserved and became the home of many artists, creativity heads and many famous people (like Kayne West, Kim Kardashian, the Kardashian clan, Sarah Jessica Parker etc.). Furthermore, in Soho has settled many hipster restaurants, coffees and ateliers where for example fashion shows or opening days are organized. In my mind is Soho one of my favorite places in Manhattan, because you could see so much different people, styles and inspirations.

Last but not least, my look for this day. I wore three outfits on this day, because when you stay in New York you will take so much photos and it would be wasted when you did not wear different looks.

#1. I wore my Reebok Classics from Urban Outfitters in combine with my granny socks from Vetements, a short stone wash Levi´s jeans over them a long basic white T-Shirt with stripes on it from WEEKDAY and my Clubmaster model from Ray-Ban.

#2. my second Outfit included my Old School Vans from Urban Outfitters in combine with my long ADIDAS Original skater socks, also a short jeans from LOOM and my ADIDAS Original T-Shirt which is really vintage #90skid 

#3. the last look included also my old school Vans, but this time without socks, also my short jeans from LOOM, a Hawaii print Shirt from WEEKDAY in XL and a vintage bandana from the flea market in Berlin.

"So much impressions"!


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