MANHATTAN, MIDTOWN. Sunday, July 9, 9 a.m.

New York showed itself from the most beautiful side, around 25 - 30 degrees, clear sky and very quiet streets for Manhattan. The guys and myself decided to start the day very early with a great breakfast. After breakfast we went up to the Times Square, which was definitely the right decision, because it was so calm and we did the first photo-session of the day. 

Further, we went directly to the Flatiron Building and filmed our looks there, after that we went the 5th Avenue up, past the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Chrysler Building and Grand Central Station. At the end of the 5th Avenue is the impressive Plaza Hotel, which we all know from the great movie "Kevin alone in New York City"! Because the Plaza Hotel is directly at the Central Park, Kev and I thought about a Sports-Session and we did it. After our Sports-session we enjoyed the sun a little bit. But only a short time, because I had around 4 p.m. a casting for the New York Fashionweek. 

The casting was at the Financial District, the Wall Street. To be honest I was incredible hungry during the casting, so the guys and myself went back to Little Italy for dinner. Later we had the chance to see downtown Manhattan from the 100th floor! The One World Trade Center was our last spot for this day.


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