it feels like ICELAND . . .

-20 centigrade. Cold. Windy. 


These are characteristics that make us freeze, but create an incredible Parka which is light, perfect to combine & keeps you warm in cold winter days.

I was last weekend at my family, in the mountains & I could shoot with this parka. We spent several hours at the resort in the mountains, where it was quite cold on the set. Although, it wasn´t hard for me because of the Parka!
Furthermore, beautiful people I would recommend you to behold at & thinks about a purchase of these Parka!

Behind the scenes:

"We’ve always wanted to do what others say can’t be done. 

And we’ve actually done it many times."

Alexander Graah 

founder and CEO

Facts about the Parka:

We are from Gothenburg, we know the pains of rain… But now we can forget about it! Whether you are a top a mountain or strolling through your streets, the Catalano raincoat is the promise for dry days. 100% polyester outside with a soft fleece inside & two handy side pockets. 
  • 100% polyester


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