Urban Outfitters on me in Barcelona

Dear readers,

It were awesome nine days in Barcelona with Kevin Elezaj and Toni (Instagram: @uberrealberlin)

We saw so much cool people, talked to awesome Spanish guys and did a lot of adventures.
To be honest, the weather wasn´t so good as I thought. Only two days were really beautiful, no clouds, just the blue sky!
Nethertheless we had a great time in Barcelona, we saw Messi, Suarez and Co in action! Incredible experience to see the Camp Nou and the city in state of emergency!
We saw an extraordinary bay in the near of Barceloneta.
and much more...
You can see all our adventures in my Summer-Video which would be online soon!

Further more I want to talk about my clothes which I got from Urban Outfitters.

First of all, I want to start with my Old School Vans high trainers in black.
What can I say? I LOVE VANS...
These sneakers are awesome to wear, awesome to shoot and awesome to skate with!
I wear these sneakers because of the design and they are comfortable, this are the main reasons because I wear them.

Vans skate high trainers:

Next are my short pants from Cheap Monday in light purple. 
decided to wear these short jeans because of the color and the because it has such a great cut.

Over my extraordinary short jeans I wear my basic Tee from Shore Leave by UO.
I wanted these t-shirt because it completes my look perfectly! 
Altought, it is only a basic tee...



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