Mercedes Benz FashionWeek day 3

Berlin, Thursday 30.

It was our third day at the Berlin FashionWeek and I can say it was really cool again...
We met in this three days so many interesting people!

But let me introduce you in this very busy day in Berlin. 
We started our day (WHAT ELSE) with an amazing breakfast in our apartment. After our balanced breakfast, we went to our first show of the day, which was the show of MARINA HÖRMANSEDER
I can honestly say Marina has the most exciting and best locations at the FashionWeek. This year was in my opinion one of her best shows where I was until now! 

Let´s talk a little bit more about the show in detail. Location was better than awesome! The Music was ok for the collection and the for the show as it was constructed. For the final I would have expected something else! 
Whatever, it was a great show with an awesome designer and an extraordinary collection. 

I´m looking forward for the next show in winter ;D 

After Marinas show we went the first time at this FashionWeek to the main runway at Erika-Hess Stadion and watched DIMITRIS show (a designer from Italy). DIMITRI enchanted the Fashion-People with his collection. In my opinion it was a customary "dimitri" show! Same music as in the show in winter, same Models, similar collection! But always a great show where you have to go :)

Subsequently, Kev and I had some minutes to relaxe and post our impressions about these two shows! 
We decided to watch the show of LENA HOSCHEK
Lena showed us a really kindness show. She created something new, I guess. Because she combined MARINE LOOK with her own representation. The Music wasn´t my thing, but thats ok! 
On the whole, a successful show.

According to the show of Lena Hoschek, Kev and I made some pictures in front of the main runway. (Why? Because we had time left) 

Next, on the day planner! MARCEL OSTERTAG
His show was with marinas among the best of the winter and summer FashionWeek!
Marcels show was in an old but still in works theater. (Also a great location) 

At Marcels show (I´m so unbelievable sorry) I didn't take pictures, because I was so flashed by his performance! Marcel did a Video for us and showed us the last campaign shooting for the collection he showed us. 
The show was resounding success!

Furthermore, my LOOK at this day!

I wore my OXFORDS form Dr. Martins which I got from URBAN OUTFITTERS, next are my socks from NIKE also from UO. Over them I wore my enormous skinny jeans from DR.DENIM JEANS (An incredible jeans label). I wore an exceptional t-shirt from BLOOD BROTHERS which I got also from UO. 
I decided this outfit because it was not hot and not cold on this day and I want to create a look which is basic and in the same way I want to bring the people to think about the outfit.


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