Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Berlin, day 2

Berlin, Wednesday, june 29

It was our second FashionWeek day in Berlin. We had a fully plugged diary! A lot of shows, exhibitions, shootings etc. ...

But I love that, it is really cool to rushed from one square to another. 


So on, we were at the "ISABEL VOLLRATH" fashion show, and in my opinion she is a great designer, only two things which I could criticize are the dance before the show began and these "penis-like thing on the head of the models"... but maybe, I´m not so creative ;P

Nevertheless, it was an awesome show and I like the collection!

After the show Kev and I shot some cool Fashion-People in front of the runway...

(and for sure we took pictures from both of us too)

Navy Look was my outfit for this day!

Let me start with my shoes.

I wear my OXFORDS, DR. MARTENS from URBAN OUTFITTERS which are one of my favorite shoes are from the 100 shoes I own...
Next are my short-suit-pants from DICKIES, which I also got from URBAN OUTFITTERS
Over them, I wear a basic POLO SHIRT from H&M in navy!

In my opinion you could wear this outfit everytime, because it looks in the first way "high-fashion" and in the second, closer look, it looks more like streetwear.

Because of the Oxfords. 
These shoes make a basic look to a must have outfit!

I hope I could give you some leads for your next outfit and a few inspirations!

PS: this is only #1 look of our second day at the Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Berlin.


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