berlin day 2

Monday, jan. 18

Ok beautiful people all over the world!
Time for the second day from our Berlin FashionWeek.
What did we do?

Kev and I made us an awesome and well-balanced breakfast!
Further more we went out and we had an very structure plan. At first we went to the famous "V O O  S T O R E ." in KREUZBERG. The high quality (unfortunately too expensive) fashion there it is also a perfect shooting place, in my opinion. Extremely clear and it has the special touch of uniq inside! There is a long corridor where you can discover clothes from big designers for instance alexander wang, A.P.C., acne studios, NIKE, wood wood etc. on both sides you will reach the dressing rooms. & they are enormous special because there are very tall mirrors. Incredibly location! I hope you enjoy this spirit from the pictures which we made in V. Store! After our shooting we went to a casting for the Berlin FashionWeek. It wasn´t far away! We arrived safely, for sure, were a lot of Models. Some recognize us from Instagram, so cool. It was also a great casting, but badly they kicked me out from the show! But no problem, never give up (you know...). Later Kevin and I went home and made us lunch and chill a little bit, in the afternoon we went out and made also pictures!

I hope i could give you a small overview about "day 2" and enjoy the pictures...



  1. Super cooler Look + ich habe dich die ganze Zeit auf der FashionWeek gesehen und jetzt durch Zufall auf Instagram gefunden. Mega inspirierendes Blog-Konzept. Ich mag deinen style unglaublich :-)

    Erik von


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