Campaign Shoot Urban Outfitters, London

London, March.

Kevin and I represent the new NikeSB collection from Urban Outfitters, we were in London and shoot with an awesome Team. We met so much good looking and interesting people. Great to enjoyed this experience. Kevin and I did also a new Video for Urban Outfitters. We filmed the scenes backstage and for sure we filmed in the city (oxfords circus, piccadilly circus ... etc.)

Tuesday, 17th of March.

We started our trip from Linz to Vienna, from Vienna we flew with Austrian Airlines. It was ok to fly with this airline, the flight attendants were nice but the snacks were really bad! In my opinion no competition against DELTA. We arrived in London punctually by good Londoner weather. After a one hour ride with the subway we arrived finally in our apartment which was booked by AIR BNB. AIR BNB apartments are always a good invention for traveling, I like it more as a Hotel-room. In our first night in London we went out, took  some pictures and enjoyed the UK-Audience...

Friday, 18th of March.

Our Friday started at 7.30 a. m, with a great breakfast. We had to be at 9 a. m  in Urban Outfitters Studio, which wasn´t far away (only  10-15 minutes by foot). 
The head office of Urban Outfitters were waiting for us, we came a little bit late! But don't worry, no body were pissed of! :)
If arrived their we got at first a coffee (really obliging)! Further more our outfits were shown us. SEVEN OUTFITS EACH! Than the shooting started, Kevin went first in the mask. Our Make-up artist was great, she was invisible and regardless always there! I like her very much. Our contact person (PR Manager from Urban Outfitters EU) was also there, we enjoyed her presence and we were very proud to work with her and the whole head office from UO. After shooting our fourth outfit (which was ca. at 13 p. m) we had lunch with the complete creative & head office team! I ate a soup and a wrap from PRET, which is a french chaise company like STARBUCKS in New York. After lunch we had to shoot the last three outfits. To be honest after lunch I was a little bit tiered, but nether less "you have to be professional"!!! So on, two hours later we had everything in the box! YOU KNOW. 
At 4 p. m we went home for chill a little bit, haha NEVER! Kevin and I went straight back out and shooted our new ordered tees from STUESSY, Urban Outfitters. Also the new collection. When we had done our work, we went home made us pizza ;) and thought about we could went out in the night! Unfortunately there was nothing in our near. So we just enjoyed the British TV. 

Saturday, 19th of March.

The day begins at 8 a. m  with a lean breakfast. Than we shooted in our bright apartment, at 11 a. m  we had to went out. At first we went to the Urban Outfitters, Oxford Circus. Arrived there we left our luggage and walked to Oxford Circus Station. After some video scenes and some iPhone pictures we went to SoHo, London. Where the Supreme Store should be! (You know our bad experience with the Supreme Store in New York, we searched there the whole day, it feels hundred hours. Than we found the S. Store and it was close the whole FashionWeek.) But this time it was much better, we found the Supreme Store very fast. Took some pictures in front of and went in! Further more I can say the Store Manager was very impolite and the Store was so small. I thought all the times Supreme is one of the best brands. But at this moment I know it was a fail! I was always so in love with the minimalistic design of Supreme (special by caps). But in this Store the caps were incredibly bad designed. I would never buy a neon colored cap! 
After Supreme Store we just enjoyed the atmosphere of China Town, London. 
Past a few minute walking we arrived at Piccadilly Circus. The "Times Square" of London! 
Further more we met a great guy, which has really cool roots...
Mike Quyen, is a creative person who did incredibly pictures! Read More about Mike Q at or on Instagram @MikeQuyen .
We three had a lot of fun and understood us magnificently. We did awesome pictures in front of the Parliament of London! He told us a lot of cool infos about London and his own experience. 

Great last day in London, in my opinion!

At 4 p. m  we went to the London Heathrow Airport. At the airport we just approved us a fruit cup! 
At 7:35 p. m  we had 8 p. m  we started our flight home.


"the rest is history"


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