"the green lunge of manhattan" NY 8

New York, and day 7 from our adventure!

I wanted to introduce you in the "green soul, lunge or heart from Manhattan" THE CENTRAL PARK! 
This park is huge big, 341 ha in the middle of Manhattan. One thing that is a must have if you stay in new york! Fro above also an incredibly eye-catcher. We saw this attraction in green but not long, than in 5 sec. it was a winter wonderland in white...

Monday, february 15 and after that unbelievable cold weekend it was almost hot on this day! But than...suddenly it started to snow and we saw new york from the white side! At first we planned our trip to "the top of the rock" but unfortunately we have seen nothing. So we have to change our ticket, but first we went to the columbus circle and want to make some pictures from the top! SAID AND DONE. Further more we didn´t find the right position to do the PICTURE. Kevin and I deliberate and deliberate and deliberate...than we found out that in the back is the right skyscraper! It was the expenzsivest hotel in fucking manhattan. So on, it was possible to went to the top and we made some pictures and leave...In connection we went to the central park and made their some cool pictures! & it snows...& snows! If we did the whole photo series, we decided to went to the Rockefeller center...Their we changed our ticket!
At the whole trip we thought we have to come back in summer and enjoy the ambience their. 

Tomorrow "BROOKLYN" 


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