"SOHO" NY 5.

Soho, lower Manhattan. 

Dear readers,
do you know something about "SOHO"?
It is in my opinion one of the beautiful places in New York. 
In Soho live some famous persons which you could know! Like Kandell "Clan", Gigi Hadid, VOGUE creative director etc. ...
In this neighborhood you could see so much cool vintage cafes, very styled places, some big model agencies (NEXT Model MNGMT), generally speaking it is a awesome place to live, walk, take pictures and enjoy a coffee...

I recommend you to have a look at "Soho"!

"SoHo (South of Houston street) is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, which in recent history came to the public's attention for being the location of many artists' lofts and art galleries, but is now better known for its variety of shops ranging from trendy upscale boutiques to national and international chain store outlets. It consists of 26 blocks and approximately 500 buildings, many of them incorporating cast-iron architectural elements. Many side streets in the district are paved with belgian blocks." source: Wikipedia

Kevin and I didn´t walk around SoHo for a long time! Because it was the coldest day in my life. It was incredibly, my fingers were freezing and my nose was blue :P ! Unfortunately we couldn´t focus on taking pictures... BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUCKING COLD! & when I mean FUCKING COLD, I´m talking about -30 degrees. So thank you CANADA for giving us this refreshing "blizzard". but ok it is NEW YORK. Our mean goal was to find the supreme store. We were wrong in SoHo, perceived 100 hours we were walked around in SoHo, than we found these covet Store! But, what than happened was incredibly! We looked at the entrance and their was a sheet of paper and on these sheet stood... "Hey people we closed our STORE until the 18th of january. (we flew on these day HOME...) exactly in our NEW YORK WEEK. So we made a little stop at varick street, where the lacoste show took place and we´ve seen some very popular people like "nick wooster" or the father of blogging "mariano di vaio"!

Last but not least something too my LOOK on these day!

Beginning at my shoes, which are NEW NEW NEW, I bought them a day before at Foot Locker, TIMES SQUARE! New Balance totally white, very vintage! I like them a lot. Next I wear my nike socks and Nike Sports-Pants and over them my Nike Short-Sports-Pants... :D  (I like these style very much, it is a combine from sportswear and streetwear!) Further more I wear a basic black tee from h&m and my over coat from LONDON! 

I hope i could give you an overview about the day in SoHo and my LOOK.

Read More about NEW YORK tomorrow here at richywho? 



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