the capital city of the world. NYC 3

Hey guys! 

Did you saw my last blogpost from NYC? Yes? Awesome! I would like to introduce you in day 3. Kevin and I did so much things...
At first we made some cool pictures in front of the "FLATIRON BUILDING"! It was dammmn cold on our first days in the big apple. But, hey it is NEW YORK, so on no problem for us. Next we wanted to go "shopping" at the 5th avenue. I recommend you to walk this street it is for sure one of the must have plans if you ever stay in NY. WHY? 
Because you see the most interesting places of New York, you should start at the "FLATIRON BUILDING" walk straight ahead (direction uptown) and trust me you see the "EMPIRE STATE BUILDING", the "ROCKEFELLER CENTER" or the "GRAND CENTRAL STATION" everything is included! By the way it is the famous shopping street in New York. It was perfect that our apartment was between the "BROADWAY" & "5 AVENUE". Another street which I will tell you is "THE AVENUE OF AMERICA"! Which is also direction uptown but you have to follow the "BROADWAY" across their. If you walk along the "BROADWAY" you come to the "BRYANT MARKET" which is also an awesome place to stay for a coffee or some snacks! (maybe in summer a great place to be) further more you will pass the "TIMES SQUARE" which is one of my favorite places, because it looks exactly like in the movies! The lights, feelings, people...i could tell you much much more! But summary in some words "IT IS NEW YORK FUCKING CITY"!
But don´t stopp at the "TIMES SQUARE". Because the "CENTRAL PARK" & the "COLUMBUS CIRLE" is waiting for you. (insider tip: guys you have to go upstairs and make some pictures from the top down on the "COLUMBUS CIRCLE".) 

I love to tell you about the city, but guys what about my clothes...I know, some facts to my look for today!

I wear my chealse-boots from h&m, which always a good item to cimbinate. Next I wear my cheap monday jeans which i got from urban outfitters! Like this jeans a lot...
Further more I wear my roll-neck jumper also from urban outfitters, a really cool article, because it is in the first way really elegant and in the second way BAD! (you know what I mean?) On last but not least, I wear my over coat from london fog a company which produce in the USA and UK. Enormous high quality! 
Ok, I hope you have now a little overview about my look for this day in New York.

More tips, more about NYC & more about fashion, looks and how to wear it. Tomorrow, here at richywho? 


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