berlin day 5

Thursday, 21 jan. BERLIN

Dear readers,

Let me introduce you in day 5 of berlin fashionweek!
Kevin and I woke up very early. Had some breakfast and went out to my fitting for Emre Erdemoglu (Titanic Hotel Berlin) what we didn´t know at this time, was that it will be took a long time! & fashionweek time is very restricted. Kevin and I had to sit at 1:30 p.m in the telt and watch the DIMITRI show! But unfortunately it was impossible to watch it together...because my fitting took so much time. So on, I had to stay at the Titanic Hotel and Kevin leaved it in time for the show! I think Kevins vibe was bad, because he hates to do this alone! But thats life...I was so excited to be in the show for Emre E. In my opinion Kevin did awesome work, he made great pictures from the DIMITRI show which you could see at first of all in my post. After the show, Kevin took me up from my fitting and I organized him a backstage pass for my show! 
What happened next? Kevin and I went directly to bright/seek. On our way we made some very special pictures at Schlesisches Tor (subway station)! At this fashionweek we didn´t enjoy bright/seek because we were so busy! We arried there at 5 p.m and at 6 p.m it was all over. So we walked a little bit around the corner and talked with some brands and Pr Managers which we know from summer fashionweek! But it was too short.
After that, we went home and made us ready for aftershow party from croppedmagazine. And people IT WAS A GREAT NIGHT!!! We had so much fun there, but we knew we had to get up early in the morning! 


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