berlin day 4

Berlin, Wednesday, jan 20.

Day 4!

At first I want to list you what we have to do of this day.

10 a.m : new haircut at bright for Kevin

12 p.m : anja gockel show

1:45 p.m : minx by eva lutz show

3 p.m : I had a casting for emre erdemoglu MBFWB

5 p.m : brachmann show (outside)

9 p.m : lana müller show (outside, Ku´damm)

Further more i would like to talk i a little bit about the shows!

Unfortunately Kevin and I doesn´t have any camera pictures from lana müller couture show, because it was more or less a spontaneously idea and we missed our cam at home during a short stop! (I know really BAD) Sry for this...
But "thats life" how would say FRANK SINATRA, i sweep off. 
It was a really special and different show but we liked it very much (the location was at the noble grosz restaurant at Ku´damm)! 
We were in the high class of berlin. Kevin and I enjoyed the audiance and for sure the extravagant evening dress of lana müller. If you like to know more about lana and her collection, visit 

What happens next?
Let´s talk about the other shows of this day...

ANJA GOCKEL, 12 p.m : Her dresses are fair produced. It looks really special, noble and casual but not boring in way of wearing her collection! In my opinion perfect for womankind who stand in life and have character. 

I have a short video for you from ANJA GOCKEL show 

MINX by EVA LUTZ 1:45 p.m : „Those who feel content wear their self-confidence on the outside. Fashion is more than nice clothes. Fashion inspires one’s own personality, and sends out signals into one’s immediate surroundings. It’s not just about visual stimuli, but more about motivation and passion.“ 
This is the philosophy that inspires Eva Lutz to create ever-new combinations of lines, materials and colour compositions for the typical collection statements. Eva Lutz uses garment fit and flowing fabrics to create the unique styling that makes up the statement of her fasionable combinations – and which self-confident women prefer and appreciate. ‎ Clever details surprise, surfaces emotionalise, and the silhouette is the vision. Minx is uncomplicated and self-evident. Minx is Eva Lutz.
Eva Lutz’s creative team has the space it needs to stimulate the imagination on an historic estate, in the middle of rural Franconia, belonging to the Counts of Schönborn. This environment is in marked contrast to the modern metropolises of the world. Which is a good thing; it creates perspectives that animate.

MINX philosophy:

"Clear cuts and playful elegance that, combined, are both refreshing and harmonious, make up the Minx Collection’s fashion statement. After all, we should feel comfortable – all day long! This claim cannot be stopped. Not even by the standard sizes that the fashion industry likes to set. Which is why the Large Sizes Collection Sallie Sahne was established. For a long time now, it has been the successful continuation of the philosophy of dress sizes 40 – 54. Because after all, quality should not just be a matter of standards."

Minx is the fashion label that addresses this self-confident women of today.

CASTING for EMRE ERDEMOGLU 3 p.m : It was in the TITANIC Hotel Berlin, casting for emre erdemoglu! Emre is a new comer designer in Germany (Berlin), but in Istanbul is a famous person. It would be awesome to walk for him at Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Berlin. It was also a spontaneously promotion to went to the casting, i suffered prime in the morning from the casting. But no problem I had my Modelbook with me... If I came to the casting there were a lot of good Models, but how I am, I am self-confident! They called my name and I had to walk... one walk later i got the YES for the fitting on next day. I thought I was in the show!
After the casting I made some pictures from Kevin and we went to the BRANDENBURGER TOR! If we arrived there, we suffered that BRACHMANN show was outside! So we rushed to the show. Luckily we did it and enjoy the BRACHMANN show!

BRACHMANN 5 p.m : Eventually, our first men´s fashion show! Certainly always more interesting for us. Jennifer Brachmann did it. She melted elegant with casual, what got along was inceribly. You can see the whole show here (by the way you Kevin and I were in the front row on the left side, maybe you see us) 


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