urban outfitters #3

Dear Readers,  

I´m so happy to introduce you into #3 of our cooperation with urban outfitters. It always feels like christmas and birthday when kevin and i selecting our outfits for the new shooting! A little bit about our looks. In this post i will show you a mixed style of highfashion and skate-fashion. For instance i wear an over coat in camel brown who is incredibly comfortable, and on the other hand i wear black nike roshe runs which are amazing in every view! 
Further more i wear dickies suit-pants in black next i wear an skater-tee from urban outfitters the home brand! On my head i wear an awesome stuessy cap in greay. & last but not least the special backpack from sandqvist, in mustard yellow. Enormous special (perfect for me)! 

Enough from my outfit, know i would like to envision you Eric.
Eric is an 16 year old graphic design student, video producer and photographer! He makes awesome work which you could see on his IG feed @blacceric .
As you can see we chose some different locations. The underground pictures were very special and juicy for me! It gives our looks that certain indefinable something. You know what i mean? In my and Kevins opinion the pictures get an "London" touch! Love it.

If you guys like our outfits and want to see all items specific...have a look at http://www.richywho.com/p/inspiration.html and enjoy all items! Have fun by clicking around the items and until next time with urban outfitters. Be inspired!


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