son of a tailor

Dear Readers,

In my new post i´m going to show you my last cooperation with "Son of a Tailor".
Fore sure at first i would like to tell you a little bit about the brand!!! Son of a Tailor was born in Copenhagen and the corporation believes in simple & classic design. With attention to the small detail. 
Son of a Tailor use only the highest quality material for all T-Shirts. The construction of the Shirts is done by the same person who order a Shirt! So on all T-Shirts are individuell. 
"Every Shirt is a unique!"

Ok beautiful people all over the world, know my own opinion!

In my opinion is one of these shirts a must have for everyone, because the quality is incredible, you feel so well in a shirt from Son of a Tailor. Awesome!
If you are a fan of minimalistic and clean or clear, believe me you should buy one of these shirts because it is enormous minimal but the company have the eye for the detail. My black shirt size is XL i ordered with my blog character "WHO"!
So all in all i recommend you to get one of these unique shirts.


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