Dear Readers,

In this post i would like to show you how you could combinate "skate with classic"!
It is so easy to mix different styles together...and create something new. I like it. Ok, i wear in this post my converse the classic model in black and white, futher more i wear my skinny jeans from zara very simple but perfect for combinating. Next is my shirt! Really basic from H&M, denim model perfect size not too small and not too big. On my back i wear my RAINS backpack from Urban Outfitters. Which is huge classic, i like them a lot. On my head i wear my OBEY cap also from Urban Outfitters which is in navy blue and simple. 
What i wanted to show you in my post is that you could combinate for instance "RAINS" with "OBEY" which are really contrair brands! 

Don´t be shy and try it CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD...


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