I skate because ryan did it...

Dear readers,

In my next post I show you some skateboarding pictures from me in action!
I like the skate till I was a young child! Because "Ryan Sheckler" the skateboard pro. sponsoring by "RED BULL" did it. I saw him on MTV and since this day I wanted to! But unfortunately I´m so bad...
I sakte I think 8 or 9 years and yes, I´m really bad for this long time! But in summer if I go to the beach or in austria to the pools! I drive everytime with my board.

So in this way I like also the skate style. For instance "caps", "Hoodies", "over size Tanks" and more...
If you like i show you a really awesome skateboardfilm from "RED BULL"...


Have a look and enjoy the skate action!

So, I wear in this post is OBEY, H&M and NIKE.

I hope you have a little overview from my skate mood...
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  1. Good outfit.

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  2. Love your street style even more when u mix denim in your outfit.

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