bike life.

Dear fashionistas,

In my new post you will see some great pictures and an awesome look...
I was inspired by formal looks and hipster looks, so I wanted to mixed them. What you see is the mixed between formal and hipster look...
In my opinion you could wear it every day in summer, or for party or for working! with the right jacket it is the perfect mixed look! 

Too my bike: It is selfmade, I sprayed it in white that it looks really clean and minimalism. It is an "OLD SKOOL" bike from the war! I hope you guys like my style in this post and if you have any questions keep in touch with me. 

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In this post I wear Vans, H&M and Rayban.
I will start with my shoes, which are vans authentic in clean white, next are my short pants from h&m in black. Ranked next is my vintage shirt also from h&m which has some pattern on it an it looks really vintage with them! This is the reason why I took them. My eyewear is my rayban which is a must have.


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