bike life 2.

Dear readers,

In my new post "bike life" you could read about my Day in Vienna with Kevin and a great Team, our photograph was Samir novotny. He is a really good photograph and make a wonderful work, which you see in my post.

We arrived Vienna at 2 - 3 p. m. after this we met a friend of Rode (he is designer and want to create his own label) We traveled with Rode to Vienna. Till 30 minutes we met Samir (our photograph) a little bit small talk...and than work begans. The first location was at Museums Quartier, we made there awesome pictures! Later we drove with our bikes and Samir with his Longboard to Stephansplatz and we made there again very special pictures. Further we drove back to Museums Quartier and on our way we made again untill the drove great pictures. It was special and extraordinary! At MQ. we met again Rode and his friend, we had lunch there. We had a great time together and it was so cool to met this cool thinking people...

Further more, I´m going to tell you a little bit how it goes on the next weeks, months...
On sunday I will show you my cooperation with Vans.
On sunday Kevin and I drive again to Vienna and make some pictures with Samir for Urban Outfitters...
Cool cooperations in the next time! 

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What I wear?

I wear my vans authentic in black, next are my socks from h&m simple but very vintage. My jeans are from cheap monday, they are skinny and have a awesome colour. Basic white T-Shirt is up next, also from h&m. Last but not least is my oversize shirt with a cool pattern on it, which is also from h&m.


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