Dear readers,

It is the 24th of August, location Berlin/Kreuzberg we went to this location because ther are more graffitis and it look like the right old Berlin...
We liked this location and I guess we make there some more pictures with other looks! 

OK, our day... beganns with an awesome breakfast (like everyday) after that we went to Friedrichstraße Bhf and Kevin made there some pictures...
It is a great location but my outfit looks more like the old Berlin! So later we went to Warschauerstraße (Kreuzberg) and I we went there a little bit around the corner. I liked the walls and graffits there a lot and so I made there my pictures. Some "quickpictures" I made at Schlessisches Tor, with the tram in the backround...
After my shooting, we went to a supermarket and we bought our meal for the eve. buuut before we made our meal...we went to the gym near Alexanderplatz and made our work out!

so, beautiful people all over the world this was our day in a short story...
I hope you get a little overview!

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What I wear?

I wear Vans, H&M, Zara and Ray-ban.

Sneakers: Vans authentic

Jeans: H&M

Tank Top: H&M

Leather Jacket: Zara

Glasses: Ray-ban


  1. Perfect jacket!!



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