Berlin Day 2.


Dear readers,
Day two in Berlin! It was an awesome day, we had a great breakfast again. Later we went to Alexanderplatz, make some video´s and walk to shopping mall "ALEXA" just for looking a little bit. Than we went to a vintage-store near Alexanderplatz, it was an awesome know-how and we saw incredibly clothes, looks and outfits. But unfortunately the clothes unconvinced me not in the first view...We see!!
After this we went to Kurfürstendamm to a piercing store and I made there a nose ring (Pictures coming soon) I thought it looks very good. 
Later we went home and eat something, not long we went to Henrich-Heinne-Straße to the "McFit" a fitnessstudio in Kreuzberg. It was great to train there! After our work out we went home in our appartment and made us meal. Salmon with rice and salad very healthy! We like this a lot, healthy food. 

Click on READ MORE and you could see more pictures rom my outfit today.

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What I wear?

I wear Vans, H&M, wrstbhvr and glasses from Ray-ban.

Let´s start with my sneakers, I wear vans authentic in black, which you could wear everytime. Next are my jeans from h&m, very vintage and skinny. I like a lot the color of the jeans. My shirt is navy blue with spot-pattern also from h&m. My backpack is from wrstbhvr. Last but not least are my glasses from ray-ban, clubmaster model. 

Hope you like my look, next day´s more...


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