be vintage.

Dear readers,

In my new post I wear my really "old skool" sneakers and my simple vintage jeans and an extraordinary polo shirt! I was inspired by my grandfather he looks huge vintage and I like his mixed style from high fashion and vintage...
I couldn´t say more because the pictures speakes for there own!

Enjoy the post and let you inspired.

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What I wear!

I wear a polo shirt from h&m.
I wear my vintage jeans also from h&m.
Next are my socks which I got also from h&m.
aaand my "old skool" sneakers are from converse, which are really really old.


  1. Вроде простой образ,но такой заметный. Очень здорово. Особенно понравились кеды.

  2. Really LOVE your photos!


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