Hello beautiful people all over the world.

Time for a new blogpost, in this post I promote awesome chealse boots from . I´m really proud to promote this boots and I have to say a big thank you to GUIDOMAGGI SHOES.
This chealse boot calls "BEIJING" and it is a great boot which you could buy here --> 

The "BEIJING" is very comfortable to wear. He is an luxury eleator boot and he is bespoken.
He is consist up from leather and he is huge luxurious and a custom-made height increasing boot. If I wear this boots first time I thought I would wear never other boots. He is very elegant and you could combinate a lot of looks together with this boots. But on the other hand you could wear this boots for momentous occasions. For instance the elegant way of fashion. 

So I prefier this boots a lot! Have a look at or and let you inspire from the high range. 

For more pictures push the "Read more" putton!

I wear luxury collection, elevator- boots "BEIJING".


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