FW Day 2.

Hello fashionistas all over the world. It is time for a new blogpost from the Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Berlin. Wednesday 8th of July, Berlin. We had our first show from "Anja Gockel" at Brandenburger Tor. We had a crazy breakfast in the morning, during running to the show. But we didn´t miss it. We enjoed the show and had a great time with some cool people. After a while in the Mercedes Benz tent we went into the next show from "Sardak" it was also a great show. We saw the first time boys at the catwalk, it was really cool and the collection was awesome. In my mind it was a really strange but good strange, you know what I mean? After the show we went to the Bright&Seek Exhibitition. There was a paradise for all streetstyle lovers, include Kevin and me! 

More from Bright&Seek see tomorrow in part 2.

Hello Hello, welcome again!

So what I wear at our shows...
I wear H&M and H&M and H&M. My complete outfit is from h&m. To begin with my chealse-boots, next my black shorts, over them my oversize basic shirt and I wear an oversize blazer natural also from h&m and last but not least is my baggy, the only thing which is not from h&m.


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