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B A D .

Hello beautiful people all over the world, time for a new post! In this post you will see a "bad boy" look, like in the 90´s. I was inspired by the incredible Jonny Depp! He was or better he is an awesome fashionista and he mixed styles what I personally love. Most important is my leather jacket it gives this look the perfect 90´s touch. I will hope you guys like the post...

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Hello again fashionistas...
I wear in this post Vans, H&M and Zara.

Shoes first, they are vans authentic in black, next are my jeans, this are oversize jeans from h&m. Next I wear an oversize shirt also from h&m in basic white like in the 90´s. Most important for this look is next ranked my leather jacket from zara. It gives this look the right touch of the 90´s.


  1. Стиль 90, очень крут))) Особенно красиво смотрится на тебе!


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