Hello wonderful people!

Time for a new post. In this post you yould read about my last outfit which is really intage. For instance i wear all black, an oversize sweatshirt and an over coat. I think this look is not for everyone, but you could mix it with other vintage clothes...
My boots are really extrem, because they look like punk boots! I think in this way the boots give the outfit a little bit of london mood. I wish you a lot of fun an try it to wear different styles.

Hello again...
I wear in this post H&M and Asos.
At first i would like to describe are my boots. They are from h&m, black and really tall. I like them but they are not for every look. Next are my simple skinny black jeans. i got them from h&m and i combinate a lot with them. Up next is my shirt, it´s in the caro look which is very "IN"!! It is oversize and i like it. My black oversize sweatshirt is next, which i designed in my own way. Last but not least is my over coat also from h&m.

BAGY is from asos!

I hope you like my look...


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