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Hello beautiful people all over the world.

It is time for a new post! In this post you will read about my vintage look. I wear H&M, Vintage glasses, Zara and Nike. My hair are now really long and i could styled them ectually good, you will see also some different hair styles. I wear them one time oppen and second with a cap...
This look what I wear is perfect for a evening in the city with friends.

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Hello again beutiful people.

In the next picture you will see the vintage look in combinate with a sweatshirt from Zara.
On my head I wear a cap from stuessy, with flowers on it. This cap is perfect for the summer...
It is really fresh and so clean, in combinate with white it looks really cool. Next are my jeans from h&m in marine blue. Simple but perfect for this look. Last but not least are my air max from nike, this nike is incredibly relaxe for my foot. This nike is very vintage with this colours.I wear a extremelly vintage shirt under my sweatshirt you will see it in the other pictures. I got them also from h&m. 
I wish you the best for your next vintage look, and I hope I could inspirate you...


  1. Awesome shots :) I think you must share your photos on, too :)

  2. В белой футболке-словно с Олимпа спустился.

  3. В белой футболке-словно с Олимпа спустился.


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