Good morning world! 

It is time for a new post, I know it is a long time ago since my last post... But you will like this post and this outfit. In this post you will see an extraordinary sweatshirt from bershka in mixed with vans. I think this combinate is really cool and you could wear it everyday. So push the "read more" putton and you could read more about this look...

... Hello again!
You push the putton? Perfect so I would like to explain this outfit.
I wear Bershka, H&M, Zara and Vans. Let me begin with my glasses, they are from zara and a simple sunglasses. Next is my overcoat form h&m. Which I like a lot, because you could combinate so much. Next is my t-shirt also from h&m it is a basic black t-shirt. But you could wear it too everything! OK, next is sweatshirt which I got from bershka in milan. But I guess you got them from every bershka. The sweatshirt is white and a black sentence is on it. Next are my simple jeans from h&m, this jeans is enorm skinny in combinate with the next point it looks perfect. My authentic vans. So you could say it is a look for everyone! 


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