Hello people, what up? It is time for a new blogpost. In this post i would like to explain a little bit about my look. I wear a suit from H&M, a coat from H&M, t-shirt from Zara and my shoes are from vans. I was a little bit inspired by sturbock. Also new is my haircut i have or i want long hair because i want something new.I hope you will be inspired. 

Enjoy the post!

Hello again...

In my post i wear H&M, Zara and Vans. At first my coat, he is from h&m and it light brown, the size is M. Next is my suit also from h&m, in marine blue he is perfect for the light coat. I take the size 48, i like them a lot because he is so skinny. Up next is my t-shirt from zara, it is oversize in XL and i stick it in my pants. It has a simple text on it which i like. The last item i will come to, are my shoes, they are vans authentic in white, i got them from paris. I love my white vans because you could mixed some styles together, for example highfashion and skate! So beautiful people i hope you will be inspired now and if you have some questions, so write me an e-mail.


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