All black

Hello world! It is time for a new blogpost. Here it is beautiful people... I wear all black in this post, because all black is one of my favourite looks. If you like to see more looks so have a look at TUMBLR, LOOKBOOK or Instagram. More looks coming soon...

Wonderful people hello again to my post explains. OK, at first i would like to say i wear a lot of H&M. Ranked first is my cap i got them from snipes it is from new era and a snapback. Next is my t-shirt from h&m it is a basic in black and the size is L. Further more are my black jeans they are also from h&m, but I cut the them a little bit. The jeans are very skinny! Next are my leather jacket from zara, I love my jacket, because i could combinate so much different styles with it. Last but not least are my chealse-boots also from h&m. Chealses are nowadays a must have, because you could wear them to everything. So this is my look in this post if you have some questions write me an e-mail.


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