just a student!

In this blogpost you will see a simple look, for everyday and every situation. You could wear this style in school, or uni, or work, or whatever. I wear some different brands. Furthermore H&M...
Ok, if you like to know some more facts about this style so write me an e-mail. Here is the post!

Hello! Hello!
You push the "read more" putten! Perfect. So here are my explains about this style. I wear H&M, Zara, Asos, BlueTomato and Vans. On my head i wear a really skinny cap from blue tomato, perfect in combinate with glasses. Next is my over coat from h&m. Which is great in winter and autumn. Under my coat i wear a basic t-shirt from h&m and an oversize jeans shirt. Ranked next is my suitpants from zara. I like them quiete frankly. The socks are also from blue tomato they are quiete long, but you didn´t see it. Last but not least are my vans authentic sneakers. Which are perfect for every outfit. So beautiful people this is my look...


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