Hello Hello people all over the world! Today i will show you a little foretasted of the pictures of Berlin. I have done so much pictures from different places in Berlin and from different looks. I hope you will like them a lot. Some inspirations are on my Instagram feed @richykoll if you like have a look on it. I am firmly of the opinion that you will inspire by my new looks and if you have some questions, so write me an e-mail at !!! So as i said here the first pictures from Berlin.


I wear on my first look H&M and Zara. It is a simple look for every day, and you could wear it for school or for job, or for a day in the city. The scarf is really wide but i like this, and the pattern stands out not so much in the forderground. I wear a coat from H&M which is very "VINTAGE" but perfect for a cold winter day. The jeans are extremelly skinny and great for my boots. The boots are "CHEALSES" and also from H&M. I think you will be goes down well with this style. 


  1. Perfect scarf I like it!!



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