Berlin bleibt unhöflich

Hello hello beautiful people all over the world. Here is my third blogpost from BERLIN. In this post you will see an extraordinary look which is not for every day, but don´t worry about it. We were shoot this pictures on the last day in Berlin! At Berlin Hbf. So Enjoy the post and have a good time!

OK! At first i would like to say i wear H&M, Zara, Stüssy, Huf and Nike. My Cap is from stüssy a great brand from the United States. I love the pattern with flowers and other things on the caps. Next is my leather jacket from zara! I got this jacket really long i like it so much, because you could mixed so much styles with a leather jacket. Under my jacket i have a extrem extraordinary sweatshirt also from zara. It is really long and it isn´t perfect for every look. My jeans are from H&M, but i have done some specials, I have cut two holes in it and make them a little bit skinny. Ranked next are my socks from HUF. They are in white with green mariuana plants on it! Last but not least are my rosh run from Nike, in black with white bottom. This are my look in Berlin on the last day! If you have more questions write me an e-mail.


  1. Perfect jacket I like it!!



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