"Art is everywhere"

Hello to all of you! This bolgpost is about "ART" ! Because in my mind is art everywhere, in every picture that you make. And this is it why i guess it is a good way to inspire you. It is important to be open to all things all over the world. I wear in this post H&M, worstbehavior, Review and Vans. Enjoy the post and write me if you have questions.

Hello world!!! 

I wear some differente brands as above. My over coat is from H&M it is a kind of flow i guess. Under my coat i wear a blue shirt from review, I have it plugged into my pants. Next are my jeans, they are also from H&M. I sewed them even skinny. On my back i wear a baggy from worstbehavior. Last ranked are my vans authentic in white! This is my look, what do you think? tell me and write me an e-mail.


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