colors in winter

Hello beautiful people all over the world. It is my official first blogpost for my new blog "richyWHO?". I guess you will like my posts, i hope you will inspired by my styles and looks. The first post is about some really bright colors. I wear Vans, H&M, Zara and Carhartt. Here my first post!
Enjoy it...

As i said, i wear Vans, H&M, Zara and Carhartt. At the first picture you could see only my shoes, for more inspiration push the "Read more" button. My jeans and my socks are from H&M. You will see on the next pictures my shirt and my cap, this are from Zara and Carhartt. The style of these pictures are not so extraordinary that many other. Stay tuned expect you many good styles on my blog. For questions write me an e-mail: 


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