art is currency "jkr"

Hello world, it is time for a new blogpost. Today you will see some cool styles and the explanations to wear or combine it. This styles are easy to wear because thay are mostly basics. But basics are ok, if you know how to combined them and we want to inspire you, help or other advantages! So, go inside the world of fashion and let yourself be enchanted. Most important aspect is feel well with your clothes. We love the simplicity of style right now! 

I wear H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Stüssy, Asos and Nike rosh run. His style is very recommendable, because it is so easy to wear and easy to combinade with something. Richys nikes are simple but stand out of his look, jeans are extremely skinny and have a touch of a hipster influence, next is the t-shirt from H&M it falls into a certain style to the marine look, the suit is oversize and stay simple in black and the stüssy cap is colorful with the various flowers. Subsequently you can say it is a perfect style for the day! 


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