Three different styles

Hello world of fashion, this blogpost is called "three different styles".
This styles are a little bit in touch with the basics of fashion, but that´s just a minor matter!
"We think you could be very happy with this basics"
OK we love to inspire you so keep in touch with us:

...Enjoy your day

I wear Zara, H&M, Bershka and Forever 17. His outfit is All black! Richy was inspired by "Jonathan Hayden", his style is simple but he gets it to the point. All black is always an option. Doesn't matter if you wear it in school, work or in your free time. So if you're interested in this outfit, you will find some cool pieces in Zara or H&M.

  • glasses from Giant Vintage
  • leather jacket from Zara
  • t-shirt from H&M
  • black jeans from H&M
  • boots from Bershka
  • watch from Forever 17


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